Tendril District

1) Castle of Lady Grathamo

2) The Warm Hearth Hostel

3) The Archives

4) Shop “Kraken Ink”

5) Temple to the Untold of Death

6) Gecko Stables

7) The Hall of Equivalency

8) Shop “Needful Things”

9) Barracks

10) The Hanging Mausoleum

11) The Primal Garden

12) Shop “The Best Send-Off”

13) Prince Harry’s Waste Removal Services

14) Shop “Friends to you, Foes to your Enemies”

15) Embassy Hall to The Desert of Glass

16) Tutoring Square

17) The Hidden Dagger Pub

18) The Fountain of Colors

19) The Lawyer’s Guild

20) Shrine to the Arch Mage “SparrowHawk”

Tendril District

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