Political Factions

The Island of World Fall is mostly controlled by Four Courts, each named after one of the seasons of the year.


Spring: (Feywild) The Court of Spring is led by the ruler of the Fey, Prince Oberon. The capital is held in a tree city named Lohai.

Summer: (The Desert of Glass) The Court of Summer is led by the ruler of Mages, Archmage Maxwell Maximus. The capital is held in a walled city named The White Hill.

Autumn: (Putra Bog) The Court of Autumn is led by a triumvirate of a woman. They are named, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Lady Susan. The capital is held in Decalas. The Court of Autumn is known for taking in everyone, no matter how unpleasant or unwanted.

Winter: The Court of Winter is led by the ruler of Caves and Mines, Lady Gragathor. The capital is held in a fortress named Frost Stone.


Over the last few years, a few new factions have popped up on The Island of WorldFall. While they have no official position in the Four Courts, they are recognized by the Courts as potential allies or enemies.

The Forge: A new source of power on the island, little is known about them besides they have a very powerful sort of magic they call “technology”. They have also empowered slavers around the island with the creation of “Slave Collars”. Their leader is known as Darlan Flame.

Port Profit A new city that has only gained prominence in the last 50 years. Strength is power here. To the strong, this is a place of freedom, where you can do whatever you are capable of. To the weak, it is a place of horror and slavery. The three leaders of this place are: Captain Nigel Drake, Cap’n Dolores Swiftknife, and lastly The Shipbreaker.

The Struggler Cult: A terrifying, if not new, presence on the Island. They worship the fallen hero, The Struggler, hoping that somehow he can be the savior to their condition. The Cult of the Struggler is known for hosting lycanthropes, dopplegangers, and other misfits that feel like they don’t belong.

Political Factions

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