Stuart Silverblade

Human one-armed fallen Paladin of vengeance.


Stuart Silverblade has a balding head with a crown of white hair. His right arm is missing. Although old he still appears to be in excellent shape, wearing full plate armor and carrying an array of silver weapons


A talented were-beast hunter who was very skilled at his job, he would always regret that he never paid attention to a newly forming cult of shapeshifters dedicated to that failure, “The Struggler”. The Cult decided that removing such a powerful killer of lycanthropes could be nothing but a good decision and launched a raid on Silverblade Farms.

In the raid, Stuart Silverblade’s family was taken hostage and the Paladin was faced with a difficult decision.

His oath required him to attack his sworn enemies at the first possible instance, yet if he did so, the lycanthropes let the Paladin know that his family would die much more painfully than they would.

Stuart Silverblade, faced with the decision between the oath of his order and the lives of his family, had to make a decision. Did he let his family be sacrificed in the name of his glorious cause? Or did he strike down these blasphemous werebeasts knowing that his family would be sacrificed?

Stuart Silverblade made a horrible mistake that day.

For love of his family, Stuart Silverblade stayed his hand and broke his oath.

The lycanthropes proceeded to infect his family in front of him and then proceeded to attack him. He might be a were-beast himself now, if he hadn’t chopped off his own arm to make sure it didn’t happen.

What happened to his family? Stuart Silverblade has so far refused to speak further on that subject,

Ever since then, he’s been attempting to learn more about this “Struggler Cult” under the authority of his King, The Lord of Summer, Maxwell Maximus.

The last time the party saw him, he was heading to Baestre.

Stuart Silverblade

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