Prince Oberon

Archfey that rules Lohai and all of the Feywild on the Island of Worldfall


Prince Oberon has the power of a demi-god as he is an ArchFey. However, this power is kept in check by the list of rules of and conduct that a fey must hold to or otherwise lose their power.

Nonetheless, Prince Oberon is known for being fairly feckless, even for such chaotic creatures as the fey. He has just recently returned from a 70 year hiatus, which while not extremely long for the fey, was just long enough to notice that his personality has changed slightly since then.

He has a new-found fascination for mice and is willing to allow a small piece of iron (in the shape of a broken sewing needle) to be introduced into his hall of weapons.

His comrades (known so far):

The Horned Lord

His enemies (known so far):

Queen Gragathor, Ruler of the Court of Winter

His Personal Servants:

Leandre Fingol, Warlock, Master of the Great Hunt

Feanor Fingol, Wizard, Court Mage

Hoo the Sneaky – Kobold Ranger

Kel the Silver-Tongued – Kobold Bard

Arc the Unlucky – Kobold Alchemist


He’s Mr. Bo-fucking-Jangles.

Finn Golfin (Elf-Boss) was the son of Leandre and Feanor. Leandre had made a pact with the Archfey of Prince Oberon to become a powerful Warlock, the price being her first born son. Feanor was not happy about this and decided to enter a pact with the Archfey himself. He would enter into Oberon’s service as long as the Archfey watched over and tried to protect his son, allowing his son to live his own life.

Prince Oberon accepted the pact, but put his own twist on it. He would watch over young Finn (whose real name should be Finn Fingol, but trans-dimensional shenanigans will do silly things like that) but he would do so as a mouse, the weakest creature he could think of.

And as the pact claimed that Feanor’s son would have to have a chance to live his own life, Oberon brought the child to the village of [Del Taco] where he knew that a portal opened up to another world every 70 years. He absconded with the child and upon his return, claimed that Finn was quite capable of defending himself at this point, and reclaimed his rightful throne.

Prince Oberon

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