Finn AKA Elf Boss

Wood elf monk. Known for his paranoia.


Finn appears to be a middle-aged elf, covered with scars. The most prominent being the one around his throat, where a failed assassination attempt left its eternal mark. His hair is grey and rumors have it that his paranoia and the stress of running the thieves guild have aged him beyond belief, as he should still be a young elf.


“As I heard it, Finn Golfin grew up as an orphan on the streets of Loste Mor. He was all alone except for his one companion, a small mouse named Mr. Bojangles that he believed was a gift from his parents. As he wandered the streets, he was eventually caught by a group of slavers known as “The Rat Catchers” a group that focused on children and strays whom were gullible.

This group sold him to one of the Five Houses in Loste Mor: House Reign. The horrendous training and attempts to break Finn’s mind and spirit would’ve been too much for the young wood-elf to bear if not for his pet mouse, Mr. Bojangles.

Indeed, it was Mr. Bojangles who (inadvertently) inspired Finn to escape House Reign and begin a new life on the streets of Loste Mor.

After some success as a bodyguard, Finn came across a representative of “The RatCatchers” once again and a thirst for vengeance was born. Finn led a bloody campaign against the slaver group, killing all he could find. His only companions were Mad Eddie, a brilliant (if somewhat deranged) alchemist who’d also been captured by the slavers as a child; and a mysterious wizard named Liss, who seemed to know everything going on within the city.

They managed to kill off all the slavers except for the leader of the gang, The Ratcatcher himself.

After a few years, Finn forgot about this as Liss now entrusted him with many missions, the most important being the guide to the new thieves guild.

How Finn went from ‘just some thug’ to Boss of the Thieves Guild of Loste Mor is the source of many rumors and stories. No one can doubt that is who he is now though.

…but yeah, he’s a spooky son of a bitch."

-Zantix (the only member of the party to have been in Loste Mor)

Finn AKA Elf Boss

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