The Island of Worldfall

First Night in Lohai

The party awoke this morning trying to decide what to do about Basmar the Boat Captain, who was now suspicious of AnnaMolly because of a failed charm spell. Zantics wanted revenge against the Gith Gambler who’d swindled him out of his barrel of The Wizards of Wine vintage, a treasure worth a whopping 1000 silver.

The party decided to wait and watch rather than act impulsively however and headed over to The Temple of Chance, to see if they could get a better price for getting Zantic’s cursed shield removed. Upon leaving the inn, they came across an Elven beggar named Priska, who through the course of the conversation, befriended Zantics and then stole 33 silver from AnnaMolly.

After that encounter, they reached the temple. There they met Basil (one of the two Assistant Priests) and Harper (The Head Priest of a Thousand Random Titles). They failed to get a better price for “Remove Curse” and after a short attempt at talking to Harper, decided the old man was too senile to be of help and left.

To prepare for the Council Gathering, the party went off to the local Tailor and bought Aristocratic Clothes for the occasion. They returned to the Inn to change and noticed it was full of customers and that the Wizard of Wines Vintage appeared to be bringing the Inn a lot of business. Zantics managed to steal some silver from a drunken boisterous merchant.

The group then decided to head to the Council Gathering of the Seven Houses being held in the top tier of Lohai. On their way however, they got sidetracked by a strange little shop called “Needful Things” ran by a mysterious Fey named Rumstill Pilken.

There the party made the following deals:

Sir Beasle got a “Kill-Sound” Lantern but must play a prank on Prince Oberon himself.

AnnaMolly accepted a pact of power with Rumstill Pilken and in return she must:

-Give up her favorite item over the next level

-Avoid touching iron or take 10d10 radiant damage

-Speak in rhymes/riddles for 3 sessions

Zantics got a pair of Gloves of Thievery, but in return if he ever says the word “Shit” an item around him will break and become useless.

Klik-Klak nearly purchased a Scimitar of Speed, however he found the price requested for it was too much.

The session ended with the party investigating each of the 7 Council Members.


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